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The Death of the Fantastical in Pirates of the Caribbean Part II

By: Bryan Ricardo Marini Quintana

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, directed by Gore Verbinski

The Interweaving Fantastical And Civilized Realms

Amid the rivaling worlds of order and chaos are William Turner and Elizabeth Swann, who act as intermediaries between the fantastical and civilized realms through their blossoming love. When these characters first encounter each other, William Turner is perilously drifting in a wreckage, gasping for life as a despicable young pirate. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Swann is safe aboard a ship living her life as an esteemed young lady. This meeting flickers curiosity amongst them about what the other lacks, either to be civilized by an aristocratic woman or find excitement with a dangerous man. Further on, they’ve both grown infatuated with each other, leading a life of comfort confined to an island under the protection of Great Britain’s Royal Navy. During this time, William struggles to leave behind his life as a pirate to integrate into society, whilst Elizabeth desires to escape her life as a lady held hostage in an arranged marriage. However, William is entranced by Elizabeth’s life as a lady and the prospect this brings for him to settle in by courting her. Counterintuitively, Elizabeth is smitten by William’s life as a pirate and the opportunity this brings for her to be swept off in an adventure. Nevertheless, both are thrust into a perilous voyage when William’s pirate life surfaces to haunt him, with Elizabeth being entangled by boarding the fantastical realm to escape the civilized realm.

Along their adventures, Elizabeth and William are captured by either Captain Barbossa or Davy Jones, facing ruthless pirates who plunder the seas to instill terror. To rescue each other, the couple enlists help from Captain Jack Sparrow, an outlandish mariner who serves as a mentor in their journey across the world of chaos. Elizabeth and William free each other from the clutches of piracy and experience a thrilling sense of freedom with guidance from the notorious pirate. A mere taste of sailing across the seven seas enamors the couple with being masters of their destiny aboard the Black Pearl, away from the world of order. Though attracted to this life, both return to the civilized realm by arranging a marriage after guaranteeing Captain Jack Sparrow’s freedom in the fantastical realm.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, directed by Gore Verbinski

Despite this, William’s and Elizabeth’s lives are threatened when Lord Cutler Beckett hunts them down for their past dealings with the infamous pirate. To safeguard their future, the couple navigates the seven seas in search of Captain Jack Sparrow to aid them reclaim their freedoms. Once reunited, William and Elizabeth join the struggle to prevent the extinction of the old fantastical realm due to the East India Trading Company’s tyrannical imposition of the new civilized realm. Ultimately, this leads the couple to become pirates aboard the Black Pearl who fight for their freedoms alongside Captain Jack Sparrow’s magical world, opposing Lord Cutler Beckett’s material world that oppresses the seven seas with the East India Trading Company.