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The Story of Star Wars as taken from the Journal of the Whills Part VI

By: Bryan Ricardo Marini Quintana

Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope, directed by George Lucas

The 12 Stages Of The Journey

In the article: Exploring The 12 Stages Of The Hero’s Journey, by Ken Miyamoto, the path to fulfill Destiny of Luke and Anakin Skywalker is divided into phases that propel the protagonist into an adventure. Firstly, the hero finds himself or herself in the confines of The Ordinary World, where the protagonist lives in comfort, waiting to be swept by adventure. Thereafter, the hero receives a Call to Adventure, leading to the questioning of his or her reality that pushes the protagonist to pursue a journey. These fears and insecurities of the character are known as the Refusal To The Call, in which a hero hesitates on whether to take the next step, being afraid of bearing the burden of responsibility. In Meeting The Mentor, the protagonist is introduced to a wise figure who gives advice, provides essential information and gifts an important item for the journey ahead. Then comes an in-between worlds stage known as Crossing The Threshold, in which the hero leaves The Ordinary World to begin his or her journey in The Extraordinary World.

Afterward, the protagonist faces challenges in Test, Allies and Enemies, being hindered or aided by new characters, places and occurrences. Surpassing these trials, the hero is experienced enough to undertake The Approach To The Inmost Cave, confronting the main conflict by using what’s been learned to overcome obstacles and find a solution to the problem.  However, in The Ordeal, a plan fails and the character loses something or someone of importance, going through a crisis that reasserts his or her resolve to fulfill Destiny. Consequently, in The Reward, the hero is gifted an item or gains knowledge that helps him or her defeat the antagonist. Nonetheless, in The Road Back, the protagonist is presented with an opportunity to give up, but instead, his or her conviction is strengthened for the final trial. Then, in The Resurrection, the hero uses lessons, items and skills acquired in the journey to resolve the main conflict. Finally, in The Return With The Elixir, the protagonist completes his or her purpose triumphantly and returns to The Ordinary World with newfound wisdom from The Extraordinary World.