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Perpetually Dehumanized

By: Bryan Ricardo Marini Quintana

(Leonardo Da Vinci, Embryo in the Womb, 1513)

They were stripped from their families

They were stripped from their possessions

They were stripped from their parts

Each one was forced into the cotton field

Each one was forced into the gas chamber

Each one was forced out of the womb

Each one longed a taste of freedom

Each one longed a feeling of safety

Each one longed a gasp of breath

They didn’t deserve this

They didn’t ask for this

They didn’t want this

They had no word

They had no say

They had no choice

You’re just a nigger

You’re just a rat

You’re just a clump of cells

That’s what the slaver said

That’s what the nazi said

That’s what this generation said

That’s what they believed

That’s what they’ve been told

That’s what has been passed on



Nay I say

You’re a Negro

You’re a Jew

You’re a Baby



Nay I say

You’re innocent

You’re innocent

You’re innocent

Above all to shut eyes

Above all to neglectful eyes

Above all to my own eyes

You’re Human

You’re Human

You’re Human

In their confusion

In their suffering

In their fear

They wondered

They pondered

They asked

What had I done to them?

One thought on “Perpetually Dehumanized

  1. I really like this poem! A picture of how inhumane a human can be, a vision of the cruelty of humanity. Each word, each phrase make me think about each decision, humans have taken during their path in this world.

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