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Innocent Habits

By: Bryan Ricardo Marini Quintana

(Michelangelo, The Fall and Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, 1509–1510)

“Just this once” I muttered tentatively
“One more time” I whispered insecurely
“One last time” I screamed boastfully

These were Empty Words that lacked Immediate Action

It sparked out of pure curiosity
It changed into a habit
It turned into a necessity

These were Senseless Actions that lacked Meaningful Words

In time my pureness washed away
In time my vileness dampened fluidity

A nude muse visited me periodically
Carrying neither wisdom nor beauty
Instead she caressed my body
Swaying me into temptation

With a glance I became horrified of my creation
As the source of inspiration that manifested turned against me
Palpably realizing that I had cursed her into an abomination

She flourished me with pleasure
She flashed me with thrill
She flaunted me with passion

I became drunk of amusement
I became blind of addiction
I became null of lust

My body instigated this past behavior
My soul dissuaded with future consequences

I turned crude whilst my body decayed
I felt numb whilst touching my flesh

My skin’s scales worn off
My skin’s layers burnt off

With the morality of the soul stripped away
My mind was free of feeling guilty

My hunger swallowed any fulfillment
As the body ceaselessly begged for excitement

Before I’d comfortably lay back ecstatic of her
After I’d stressfully stand up fearful of her

A nude muse visited me perpetually
Carrying neither wisdom nor beauty
Instead she mutilated my body
Forcing me into submission

“Just this once” she muttered as I complied mortified
“One more time” she whispered as I obeyed distressed
“One last time” she screamed as I heeded frightened